A few reminders before your visit to Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı
    The following information may guide you for your visit to Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı. Should you need any further information or assistance, you may contact us at info@kilicalipasahamami.com or +90 212 393 8010.

    • We kindly would like to request you to make a reservation before your visit, so that we would be able to provide you a faultless service.

    • We will be providing you all the materials you might need (such as peştamal, slippers, towels and shampoo) during your hamam experience. We kindly would like to advise you to bring spare underwear and/or bikinis/bathing suits.

    • It is not allowed to be totally naked within the Hamam premises (waist downwards must be covered to some degree).

    • All the materials provided during your visit to hamam can be used only within the hamam premises. For the guests, who would like to purchase them, our store “Derya” is located just next to the entrance of our hamam.

    • As per our hygiene principles, the scrubbing process is realised by the kurna (water basins), not on the hexagonal heated marble platform. Food and beverage consumption is not allowed in all the wet areas. We would be pleased to provide further explanation for our guests who might require additional information.

    • Traditional Hamam Ritual service does not include massage application. Our oil massage services are given by our professional therapists in specially designed massage rooms and separate reservation is required.

    • Please keep your valuables in the safety boxes behind the reception.

    • You may take your time to relax in the camegah (lounge) after your treatment; and our cafe is at your service should you wish to taste our home made lemonade, cold and hot drinks and appetizers.

    • We would like to kindly remind you that a quiet and peaceful experience is the environment we wish all our guests to enjoy, so please do not shout or speak loudly within the Hamam.

    • Enjoy your experience and remember to take care of your skin, it is the largest organ in the body and has a specific function; it breathes.

    • Please keep in mind that, if you are taking medication, sunburnt or have any skin lesions, it is not recommended to bath in the Hamam. Should you have any similar health/skin conditions, please make sure that you will not be affected from the Hamam

With special thanks to Cengiz Karlıova for photographs…